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Professional Experience

I posses a vast experience in digital technology.

A brief overview of my skill sets are.

  1. Print 80%
  2. Web 50%
  3. Motion 70%
  4. Digital Systems 90%
  5. Life – I am here to make the dead people alive 100%


  • Reading
    I love reading and gaining in the knowledge
  • Chess
    Write to me if you wanna play chess with me.
  • Music Composition
    Visit me to hear my own music.


About Me

If you have ever wondered "What if there was no universe or no nothing?" Chill it happens

I am a self dictator. I love cartoons, music, video games, movies & chinese food. I am quiet by nature, kind by heart and good by head.

I am

Zahid Shaikh

from Versova, Mumbai, India. After dabbling into computers in 2003, I was awed by the sheer potential of digital technology. Since then I have been learning and creating some or the other digital solution. You can reach me at itsme@zahidshaikh.com or at +91 9167021410

I am available as a freelancer in the following services graphics, print, web design, motion graphics, etc

Formal Education

College dropout by choice


  • Motion – 2015
  • Web – 2014
  • Gaming – 2012
  • Music – 2010
  • Freaking – 2009
  • Dancing – 2005